The birth of the MUD

Emil Eifrem and Thierry Coutelier first met back in 1994 on a mud called Astral Void. They were both newbies to muds in general and Astral Void in particular and by struggling together through the adventures of AV they eventually became good friends. When Astral Void lost its site and was permanently shut down, Emil and Thierry moved on to other muds, such as Turning Wheel (run by Mical and Kyler, two mutual friends of theirs). They spent a lot of time there and had a great time.

After a while they grew bored of jumping through all these new muds and one day they came to talk about how no mud they knew was even remotely as good as their ‘child-hood mud’ Astral Void. One thing led to another and before they knew it, the foundation for what would become Prophecy was laid: Thierry had a site, Emil knew how to code. And Prophecy was born, the first ROM MUD based on the Belgariad and Malloreon.

Since then

Over more than 25 years, Prophecy has seen generations of players come and go, as it has continued to evolve and change. Scores of people have contributed code, areas, quests, and more.

Whether you’re a new player or returning, come join in the fun!